Torque Spec: Crank S Bolt

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Jan 26 17:07:00 EST 2006

> According to the Bentley manual, the torque spec for
> the 27mm crank shaft pulley bolt on my '87 VW Quantum
> Syncro, which shares the same drive train as the Audi
> 4KQ, is set at 258 lbs USING tool 2079 (extension
> bar).
> This means that in the absence of such tool, the
> torque on the actual 27mm bolt is greater, correct?

Yes, and I forget how much we calculated it to be.  But it's big, and 
really in the range of "very high" rather than "precise".  That is one 
big bolt, and you're unlikely to break it, doing what we usually do, 
which is to put a 4 foot or so pipe on a 1/2" breaker bar and impact 
socket, and then hang "most" of our weight on it (depends on how big you 
are).  If you lean on it 4 feet out with 100 pounds of weight, you've 
just put about 400 foot-pounds on it.  If you cleaned it and put on a 
little loctite, it's not going anywhere.

Huw Powell

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