013 vs 016 transmissions

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Jan 26 20:35:01 EST 2006

Roy Wendell writes:
> I'm looking at using an audi transaxle in an electric powered formula
> car that my university runs. It would be used in place of the very
> expensive Hewland gearbox that's currently installed. Although light,
> the Hewland has neither the correct ratios nor the torque capacity for
> our current power train. I know that the 016 fwd gearbox is being used
> sucessfully in mid engine v8 powered kit cars and I have experience with
> the quattro version so I'm trying to source one. The only problem is
> that fwd 016 gearboxs don't seem very common. I do however have a line
> on an 013 from an 84 coupe gt thanks to this list. What I need to know
> is what are the differences between the 013 and 016 coded boxes? They
> have similar application ie fwd 5 cylinder VAG products. I know that
> they have different gear and final drive ratios but is that it?

The 013 is the 5-speed front drive box for 4-cylinder cars.  Check
your code number or the donor car again...  An '84 coupe GT (if it's
got a 5-cylinder engine) cannot have a 013.


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