re. Re: putting a auto trans in a '91 20VTQA

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Fri Jan 27 07:45:40 EST 2006

Do you say this because of the seats or is it more than that?

I've done 5-6 hour stints at 85-90 sustained with no problems in my old 200.

I loved the sport seats in my car- very supportive and firm, never made my
hurt, never had any numbness or anything. The car was relatively quiet (the
Stromung did not help- added a fair bit of noise but no droning with Gen III
beyond), the ride was nice, stable and controlled, tracked true (even with
wide 255s on it) and drove like a nice autobahn cruiser.

Our '04 V70R is quite similar, although the overall numbness in the steering
really doesn't help things. I pretty much always keep it in "sport," as
makes the suspension too wallowy. "Advanced" only seems to make the ride
rough without much benefit. The seats are very, very comfortable, although
bolsters are so soft that in hard cornering, they won't do much. If it were
the 6-speed
manual rather than the 5-speed auto, it would definitely be a long-term

In a car with an automatic, I really think you'd be hard pressed to find a
better alternative
to the 850 turbo for a low price.


On 1/26/06, Brett Dikeman <quattro at> wrote:
> [snip]
> It's a car I could drive for hours; the 200q20v I can't manage more
> than about 4 continuous before I've got to take a break.  On
> virtually every front except drivetrain (ie, power/AWD/manual- manual
> was available though) and interior "sense of luxury", it's an
> infinitely superior car to my 200q20v.

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