The Volvo Thread--long (some Audi content though)

John Larson j.d.larson at
Fri Jan 27 14:37:10 EST 2006

Mike Veglia wrote:  "Absolute junk. The only good thing that car did was 
turned my wife off to Volvos which resulted trading it away towards a 
(apparently much maligned on this list) 1995 A6q Avant in August of 
1992. Well, a little over 3 years, and over 60k miles, later we still 
love the A6 and there is nothing that 850 could do that the A6q can't do 
so much better there isn't even a comparison, except straight line out 
of the box acceleration in the dry--but we don't drive a wagon for 
straight line speed thrills anyway."

My wife went from a really nice late build CGT and my 90 20v to her 95 
A6QA on the whim of a friend who told her that he just saw her new car 
on a car lot.
It is difficult to wrest the keys from her tightly clenched fist! 
Bought it at 80K, did a tranny at 190K, and we're at 230K now.  Other 
than the tranny, nothing more than services and a used CC head in all 
that time.  Front brakes for the first time since we bought it a couple 
of months ago!  I drive all kinds of high end cars here at work, and the 
A6 rides and drives better than a BMW 540 (same year, half the miles), 
IMO.  That's my feel on back-to-back 60 mile drives!  John

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