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I have it on some good and experienced authority that adding a can of brake 
fluid to the oil will rejuvinate rubber seals  - for a car that was burning 
or leaking oil and owner does not want to shell out for a complete rebuild. 
I couldn't believe if, but he says that he has used this technique time and 
time again with many satisfied custimers.

Don't know if it will help with your situation, but thought it was a good 

I've also heard of the Bon'ami cleanser technique for getting carbon 
deposits off of valves - I don't hold much creedence in this one, but if the 
engines got to be torn down, what have you got to loose.

My father and others swear by the Marvel Mystery Oil - both fuel and oil 
additives - also say not normally additive users, but this stuff really 

The only additive I've tested with verfiably good results is the BG44K 
additive I get at the dealer - not cheap, but really does the trick for 
valve deposit cleaning and fuel system cleaning.  You may just have some 
carbon buildup on a valve or two and this may do the trick.


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Since I'm going to replace the engine anyway, I have to ask this. While I'm
gathering the parts for my spare AAN rebuild, I thought I would ask the 
if they could recommend any type of engine additive to help the AAN 
in the car. I don't really believe in snake oil type miracle engine
additives, but if someone who has tried something in the past with similar 
problems and
had some sort of results, I'd be willing to try it. What would I have to
loose except a few bucks towards the miracle product? As a recap, my engine 
has 4
out of 5 cylinders with unfavorable leak down test results. Even though #4
cylinder was not the worst, while running it causes a dead miss. I have 
that I have fuel and spark. The compression test even turned good results. 
I have a piston ring issue since all the blow by was coming from the dip
stick or the valve cover cap during the leak down test. When I did the 
test, I must have had a good seal at that moment and it gave a good yet 
reading. The engine starts on all 5 cylinders for about a second and then
drops #4 cylinder. I believe this is because of the residual oil on the 
rings is letting the cylinder have a second of good compression. When the 
warms up to operating temps is runs a little better and nearly smooth at 
times, but a quick blip of the throttle while at idle will make it run rough
again, and it will then clear up and run smooth again, but it never runs
really smooth and you always feel the miss. So I need some sort of product 
might help my current running condition, until I replace the engine in a few


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