Heater core hose hook-up

Jim and Patsy Schurz pjschurz at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 30 11:21:47 EST 2006

  If it dosn't matter how the hoses are hooked-up why would Bently advise  they need to be hooked-up a specific way??  Perhaps the design of  the heater core requires a specific direction for best flow.
  1989 200Q

Jim Dupree <jdupree914 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:  Jim,
It does not matter which hose is connected to which nipple. The coolant will
flow through the core fine either direction. Be sure your hoses are routed
and connected such that they are not rubbing or under strain and you'll be
Take Care
1993 S4

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Subject: Heater core hose hook-up

> 1989 Audi 200Q.
>   Could someone verify how the heater hoses hook-up to the heater core,
ie which heater core nipple connects to the water pump pipe.  When
installing the new hoses through the firewall the way it appears they
should go based on their preformed bends the waterpump hose connects to  the
upper nipple on the heater core.  This is the way I seem to  remember taking
the old hoses out.  But this is opposite to what  the Bently manual says.
>   I would be most greatful if some one could check an existing vehicle.
>   Thank you
>   Jim
>   1989 200Q
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