Is the mass air flow sensor a consumable item?

CL Wong montesawong at
Mon Jul 3 16:35:59 EDT 2006

I've been experiencing some slight hesitation lately
but not seeing any fault codes.

This weekend I pulled my instrument cluster to address
a bouncy speedo but when I reinstalled it I started
getting the fault for MAF (2324).

I have already re-pulled the instrument cluster to
check for unseated connectors.  The Fault is still
there after resetting ECU.

Is it possible that my MAF died on the last ignition
off cycle when I started the car without the
instrument cluster attached?

The timing of this failure is highly suspect and the
MAF appears to still be intact (ie no broken/melted

Removed the MAF and started the car and got fault 2231
(idle speed, air leak) which seems accurate.

Should I bite the bullet and replace the MAF?

New? Used?

thanks in advance!


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