88 80Q fan knob cable does what?

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Wed Jul 5 13:55:40 EDT 2006

Weak heat and debris point at broken duct tube, usually at radio support 
hole behind the radio, or perished core foam seal.



Lincoln Rutledge wrote:

>Hi Folks, while investigating a weak heat issue on my '88 80 Quattro, I
>discovered that when you turn the fan knob to off, you can then turn it
>counter clockwise, which actuates a cable.  Does anybody know what that
>Everything else looks like it's working, but most of the time the heat
>is pretty weak in the winter.  I have flushed the heater core real well,
>and bled the air out of the cooling system.
>Some gray foam of some kind has deteriorated, and blows out of my vents.
> There is some gray foam wrapped around some of the wires in the console
>(behind the radio etcetera).  I guess that is where it is coming from.

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