Tat..Tat Noise in Engine

Huppert, Eric eric.huppert at us.army.mil
Thu Jul 6 09:32:36 EDT 2006



Have had experience with the lifters tapping in several older Audis. My first
5000TQ tapped on startup until 400k. My 89 200TQ still has some light lifter
noise on startup with 300k. (Thankfully my 91 20v doesn't) Both cars quieted
down once run for a minute or so. 


Found that some brands of oil just didn't work well, even right after oil
change. I've had good luck with Castrol and (believe it or not) Havoline!
(Synthetic believers flame away!) 700k between two cars using conventional
oil works for me, then again these cars were commuters, mainly highway miles!


Also could tell when oil was starting to break down as the lifters would tick
a little longer than normal.






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