Lifter Clatter....

Matthew Kramer stpndsmn at
Sun Jul 9 10:56:18 EDT 2006

Thanks for the response Grant.
  The lifters are brand new,  Oil psi when hot is 25 at idle and around 60 at highway speed.  Oil psi is currently read from the filter housing.  I am running 15-40 oil at present with Lucas stabilizer.  
  I guess that leaves me with a blocked passage, or poor alignment between block, head, gasket.  Both of which I'll have to pull the head for.  I guess that's the way it goes though.  I agree it seems like an oil pressure problem.   

Grant Lenahan <glenahan at> wrote:
  OK, this will nto be a revelation, but its an attempt to help :-)

It sounds, to me, like you dont have enough oil pressure to keep the 
hydraulic valves inflated at higher rpm.
Thin oil. Low O/p, blocked passage, poor alignment of block --> head 

... or just old lifters.

On Jul 8, 2006, at 11:55 PM, Matthew Kramer wrote:

> Hi, I am kind of a lurker on Audifans at this point. I spend most of 
> my time over at Anyway, I've been having a problem 
> with lifters on my 4ktq. I used a KH block and an NF head for my 
> rebuild and so far the lifters in #5 won't seem to pump up.
> It's quiet until about 2500 then they start this extremely loud 
> lifter clatter like something is coming apart. I took out the valve 
> springs a week ago and found basically nothing. I was hoping for a 
> broken spring.
> The only thing I have come up with so far is some sort of oiling 
> incompatability between old blocks and new heads. I am guessing you 
> used some form of NF/NG head. If so I hope you had the coolant 
> passage welded.
> Anyway, I was just interested to hear what you find out and if your 
> problem goes away. I've heard that non-detergent 30w dino oil is the 
> best for break in because you need some friction for proper 
> break-in.....
> Good luck
> Matt
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