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Have you checked the O2 sensor? What codes are you getting?

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Adjusted fuel mixture with 3mm wrench, and the car runs good for a short 
diatance, then it runs rich to the point that it's necessary to readjust 
for a leaner mixture. Afterwards it will run for a while, but after it 
sets awhile, it won't start because the mix is to lean. If set too lean, 
the motor will oscillate, and not be steady. Runs good at higher speeds. 
Problem started after I put another fuel pump on. Have used Huw's audi 
garage's poor running checklist   Have changed numerous parts, but to no 
avail..Gas milage has gone  down and can no longer continue to operate 
dailyto work for 80 miles. Can the screen be permanently taken out  of 
the  control pressure actuator?  Is there any  other suggestions for 
repairs.--Thanks-- Mike
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