Goofy Sunroof Weirdness

Alex Kowalski hypereutectic1 at
Tue Jul 11 13:10:37 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

Hoping for a bit of troubleshooting advice about the problem I'm having with
the sunroof on the '87 5KCSTQ.

The strange thing is that it *works* perfectly:

1) It retracts rearward into the roof with no trouble at all.
2) It also tilts upward at the back for ventilation with no trouble at all.
3) The "stop" switches in both directions work properly
4) I have recently lubricated the entire assembly and the motor doesn't
labor at all -- everything moves smoothly and quickly.


In the fully-closed position, for example when you close it completely after
having open until the motor hits the stop switch and cuts out:

The cutout flap that opens when you tilt the sunroof forward does not seal
properly inside the car when the sunroof is completely closed.  On the
passenger side, it closes properly and is basically where it is supposed to
be, but on the driver's side, there is about a 3/8" gap.  Which looks
weird.  If you push the switch rearward, the gap closes and the sunroof
retracts into the roof normally -- but if you then close it, every time,
sure as the sun rises, a 3/8" gap opens up at the trailing edge of the
cutout panel (the one that's spring loaded from inside the roof mechanism.)

It's not an operational problem, more cosmetic:  when the sunroof is
"closed" it looks bizarre because of this failure of the panel to shut

Any ideas?  I can take some pictures this afternoon if that would help.

Alex Kowalski
'87 5KCSTQ (gap-toothed sunroof weirdness)
'86 5KCSTQ (sitting under a cover so who knows?)

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