Goofy Sunroof Weirdness

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at
Tue Jul 11 16:47:46 EDT 2006

are you talking about the steel sunroof panel visible
from the outside 
or the trim panel visible from the inside?
the 2 parts have an 'open' relationship.

if it's the inner trim panel, i would guess that you
have a broken, or 
even just unhooked clip.
can you move the trim panel by hand without moving the

if it's the outer, it might be that the driver's side
cable is loose 
where it attaches to the back leg of the sunroof mech

I would pull the inner panel off
on the golf you would just open the sunroof a bit and
yank the front 
part of the trim panel down to undo the spring clips
and wriggle it out
the golf roof didn't tilt though, so you'll have to
work out how the 
trim panel attaches at the back
looking at the bentley then you tilt the roof, unhook
the 2 springs on 
either side and "detach" the 2 spring clips
then drop the roof and open a bit then push back to
release the forward 
clips. they suggest pushing the trim panel into the
roof aperture

since yours is tilt/slide, it would seem that you can
remove the 2 bolts 
at the front and 2 of the cross head screws (2 bolts  
2 screws per 
side)  and lift the roof panel of the mechanism. use
masking tape around 
the aperture to protect the paint though.

this gives you enough room to watch the sunroof mech
working, which 
makes it easier to figure out what's up

the black bent bit of steel at the rear of the
aperture has been known 
to rot out at the edges
this is the rain deflector. Most of the time it will
be this that causes 
sunroof leaks (along with blocked drain tubes).
the deflector 'deflects' water into the channels
either side of the 
rails and down the tubes.
when it rots, water goes into the recess that the roof
slides in and out 
off, and subsequently floods out and runs down your
neck during moderate 
if you have the roof in bits, it would be a good time
to check the 



Alex Kowalski wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Hoping for a bit of troubleshooting advice about the
problem I'm having with
> the sunroof on the '87 5KCSTQ.
> The strange thing is that it *works* perfectly:
> 1) It retracts rearward into the roof with no
trouble at all.
> 2) It also tilts upward at the back for ventilation
with no trouble at all.
> 3) The "stop" switches in both directions work
> 4) I have recently lubricated the entire assembly
and the motor doesn't
> labor at all -- everything moves smoothly and
> In the fully-closed position, for example when you
close it completely after
> having open until the motor hits the stop switch and
cuts out:
> The cutout flap that opens when you tilt the sunroof
forward does not seal
> properly inside the car when the sunroof is
completely closed.  On the
> passenger side, it closes properly and is basically
where it is supposed to
> be, but on the driver's side, there is about a 3/8"
gap.  Which looks
> weird.  If you push the switch rearward, the gap
closes and the sunroof
> retracts into the roof normally -- but if you then
close it, every time,
> sure as the sun rises, a 3/8" gap opens up at the
trailing edge of the
> cutout panel (the one that's spring loaded from
inside the roof mechanism.)
> It's not an operational problem, more cosmetic: 
when the sunroof is
> "closed" it looks bizarre because of this failure of
the panel to shut
> properly.
> Any ideas?  I can take some pictures this afternoon
if that would help.
> TIA,
> Alex Kowalski
> '87 5KCSTQ (gap-toothed sunroof weirdness)
> '86 5KCSTQ (sitting under a cover so who knows?)
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