GTG/Drive to Paris, ME for Bob Bahre car collection

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Jul 12 01:59:20 EDT 2006

Hey all!

The North Atlantic chapter is doing a caravan/group drive up to  
Paris, ME to check out Bob Bahre's car collection this Saturday.   
This is a ONCE a year event- you snooze, you loose! :-)  Mr. Bahre  
opens his collection on Founder's Day once a year to support the  
town, and the event attracts car nuts from all over New England.   
This is a rare chance to see some very rare cars.

We'll be meeting at the I-95 northbound rest area right after Rt 2,  
and at the Portsmouth,NH/Kittery,ME rest area, times TBD.  There's a  
drawing for a free clearbra, and given the list of attendees isn't  
very long, you won't have much competition for this fairly expensive  

Catch- in order to be eligible for the prize, you have to be signed  
up with us.  To cover the club's collective butts, we'll need your  
John Hancock if you want to drive with us, and this will NOT be a  
race or anything like  that- anyone who isn't safe will be asked to  

Please email me -ASAP- if you want to join us or have any questions!   
Include the car you're most likely bringing and I will add you to the  
list.  Directions and final details will be emailed out a day or two  
before the event, so keep an eye on your inbox.


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