boost guage and zener diode questions...

tmb the_questionist at
Wed Jul 12 09:33:50 EDT 2006

actually, i should've been more clear in my
question.  what i meant to say was that
sometimes, at an indicated 1.2BAR on the display,
the new boost guage shows 3psi, while other times
at 1.2BAR indicated, it might show 6psi.

is this just an example of the digital display
running more slowly than the analog? 


> Nope, it's working perfectly.  Atmospheric
> pressure is 14.7 PSI and the
> dashboard boost gauge reads manifold pressure
> with the atmosphere = 1 BAR.
> That's why it shows less than 1 BAR when the
> throttle is closed, indicating
> vacuum.  Therefore 1.2BAR on the dashboard is
> about 3 psi of boost and you
> shouldn't see more than about 8 psi before you
> hit the fuel pump cutoff. ~ 6
> PSI sounds about right for an MC1 that is
> functioning relatively normally,
> that would be 1.4 BAR on the dash gauge.
> Zener help in Canada is going to have to come
> from someone else...  ;)

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