1995 S6 problems/issues? AND auto shipping from VT to CO

Chris Semple chris at force5auto.com
Wed Jul 19 13:41:45 EDT 2006

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300-500 airfare, 250 in gas, equal amount in hotels & food.  Plus 3 days or

Depends on the individual.  Seems it would likely be a wash, money wise.

Wow, rather posh I'd say! Couldn't we shoot for 120$ airfare, 220$ fuel, 90$
hotel and food, 49hrs.

-Chris Semple
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On 7/19/06, Dan DiBiase <d_dibiase at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Tom Winter <tom at freeskier.com> wrote:
> Second  question concerns shipping. The car is in Vermont, I'm in
> Colorado. The  quotes I'm getting are just over $1,000. Has anyone used a
> particular  company that they've liked or could recommend?
> Tom, I'm guessing that a flight from Colorado to Vermont would be about
> 1/3 of that cost..... Road trip!!  ;-)
> Dan D
> '04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6

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