1995 S6 problems/issues? AND auto shipping from VT to CO

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 14:18:16 EDT 2006

I have to admit, I didn't actually price the airfare, just estimated it from
recent experience with rising airfare costs and previous experience trying
to find decent one way fares.

I figured 2000 miles at 25mpg and 3.159 a gallon, again a rough estimate
because I don't know where in VT or CO.

And yes, I allowed a extra day or so which means another hotel and yes,
okay, I don't stay in the cheapest place I can find anymore nor do I eat at
McDonald's.  So again, it's depends on the individual.

Personally, even if my estimate was correct, I'd figure out a way to justify
it and make a damn road trip out of it as long as I didn't have too many
doubts about the viability of the car making it home.  I can take time off
work and a road trip is about the best diversion I can think of in terms of
forgetting about work.

And I would avoid the worry that I would most definitely have about how the
car was treated by any car carrier, even the better ones.  An offshoot of
the DIY syndrome.


P.S. Here's my car-acquisition road-trip history...
Bought sight-unseen and picked up a V8 5spd in CT to drive home to SC, by
way of the Mt. Washington Hillclimb.
Bought an 89 200q in Milwaukee and drove home to CO in January on SP8000's
detouring north through LaCrosse and across IA state Hwy 9 to Mason City to
see some friends.
Brought home from Chicago to CO in February a 74 Mercedes 280 with no-name
tires that had pretty much sat unused for a year stopping for a run through
the Chicago auto show.
Bought a non-running '85 urq with unknown mileage and without current
registration out of a muffler shop parking lot in SC, had a mechanic friend
get it running, flew in with about a day's notice on frequent flyer miles,
went to the Petit LeMans in Atlanta and drove home with no plates or
registration documents other than a bill of sale, afraid to even run the
heater for fear of getting feet wet in puddles of coolant, stopping in
Chattanooga to see Audifans friends.
Bought a 228k '91 Avant in CA and drove home to CO, stopping along the way
to disassemble and stuff in the back an eBay-purchased dirt bike.

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> 300-500 airfare, 250 in gas, equal amount in hotels & food.  Plus 3 days
> or
> so.
> Depends on the individual.  Seems it would likely be a wash, money wise.
> Ed
> Wow, rather posh I'd say! Couldn't we shoot for 120$ airfare, 220$ fuel,
> 90$
> hotel and food, 49hrs.
> -Cheers
> -Chris Semple
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> On 7/19/06, Dan DiBiase <d_dibiase at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >
> > Tom Winter <tom at freeskier.com> wrote:
> > Second  question concerns shipping. The car is in Vermont, I'm in
> > Colorado. The  quotes I'm getting are just over $1,000. Has anyone used
> a
> > particular  company that they've liked or could recommend?
> >
> > Tom, I'm guessing that a flight from Colorado to Vermont would be about
> > 1/3 of that cost..... Road trip!!  ;-)
> >
> > Dan D
> > '04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
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