1995 S6 problems/issues? AND auto shipping from VT to CO

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Wed Jul 19 20:55:54 EDT 2006

> 300-500 airfare, 250 in gas, equal amount in hotels & food.  Plus 3 days or
> so.
> Depends on the individual.  Seems it would likely be a wash, money wise.
> Ed
> Wow, rather posh I'd say! Couldn't we shoot for 120$ airfare, 220$ fuel, 90$
> hotel and food, 49hrs.
> -Cheers
> -Chris Semple

Wow, I'm surprised Chris didn't offer to drive/fly it for you... or 
trailer it out there.

Which brings a second thought - if someone wanted to help you out for 
the "fun" of it, especially someone familiar enough with the car model 
to improve the odds of getting there, you could cover expenses and they 
could drive it out and fly home. (or fly to it, drive it to you, and fly 

It is not recommended that you read "On The Road" while considering this 

Huw Powell



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