Lloyd Mats correction

Alex Kowalski hypereutectic1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 17:37:39 EDT 2006

Well, what if we had someplace like this manufacture the mats without any
logos and then do the rest ourselves?  Somebody out there in the Car Mat
universe has to have the templates for making these, and then basically we
could do custom embroidery.  Mine could say:  "Alex Kowalski's Super
Excellent Type 44 Audi" with a little Audifans logo someplace, assuming the
folks in charge of Audifans would go for that...

OK now I have a bit more spelunkering to do.  It seems like here in the good
old US of A we should be able to get the basic mats made, though.  Even if
Audi doesn't want anyone to stitch the four rings into a mat they don't sell
personally, there has to be a reliable aftermarket supplier who has a good
template for the Type-44s.  It's just a shape!



On 7/21/06, DeWitt Harrison <six-rs at comcast.net> wrote:
>  Hi Alex.
> For a quality mat, I'm convinced that you can't do better
> than a Lloyd mat with anchor grommets in the correct
> locations for the anchor bolts. Perhaps Lloyd's could
> do a custom embroidery as long as it didn't come
> close to an Audi logo. But that's iffy. They would
> certainly shy away from the word 'Audi' in any form.
> (Audi must have really put the fear of God into them.)
> I still think finding an independent shop to embroider
> blank mats would be a good option.
> DeWitt
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> Huw wrote:
> >A reverse engineered copy of a logo is still a violation.
> >Now, if it were a *different* but still cool font, that might pass, but
> >would it "satisfy"?
> It would satisfy me, and actually it would be a sort of neat thing to have
> as an Audifans-only version of the mats.  Let's be clear here:  what I am
> looking for is a very good, long-life floormat that fits my car and has some
> connection both to the brand and also, if it so happens, with the Internet
> list that helped keep the brand alive in America while it was going through
> some tough times.  If we can get some manufactured that fit both of those
> constraints, even if they're not technically "perfect" as far as the font is
> concerned, I'll let that go. ;)
> Maybe a really nice "Type 44" renaissance mat with a little Audifans
> embroidery somewhere.  The quality matters more to me.
> Alex Kowalski
> '87 5KCSTQ (Driving around with a Wal-Mart driver's side mat.)
> '86 5KCSTQ (Will eventually happen unless something constructive is done!)

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