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Google under advanced search has a site specific search.  Just put in
XXXXX site:  where XXXXX is what you
want to search for.

Here is my first post from 11 years ago.  Ny 20V is still driven daily.

To: quattro at 
Subject: rear muffler hangers 
From: "Lebens, Rick J" <M245884 at> 
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 1995 10:19:59 CST 
Organization: McDonnell Douglas Aerospace 
Priority: normal 
Sender: quattro-owner at 


While changing the rear pads on my 1991 90 Quattro 20v I noticed the
inlet pipe of the 
rear muffler in close proximity to the drive flange on the rear
differential.  One of 
the rubber hangers broke on the rear muffler and allowed the pipe to
contact the 
rotating flange when under loads of greater than one G.  It wore a hole
through it.  
I wonder what that will cost come inspection time?

I would recommend other owners on the list with similar vehicles to
the donuts on the rear muffler for rotting and deterioration.  The two
hanger is a lot cheaper than a new rear muffler.

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