Need a louder turn signal indicator

Matt Downer mdowner564 at
Mon Jul 24 19:34:09 EDT 2006

You could also add a piezo buzzer from your local radio shack instead of the led. You can pick from many differant audible levels to suit your needs.
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cobram at wrote:
  Neighbor actually got cited for this, she's a little hard of hearing, and
the turn signal doesn't always cancel and it's not always prudent to be
checking the gauges in traffic intense areas. I went the visual route
(read that quick and dirty) and put a red LED wired to the turn signal
relay. Placed the LED front and center of the steering wheel. She said
it worked great and there was one less car going down the road with the
perpetual turn signal.

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Kneale Brownson writes:
> May be a good time to develop the habit of scanning your instrument 
> cluster
> occasionally, eh?
> At 07:01 AM 7/24/2006 -1000, Al Streicher wrote:
> >I am older but not losing my hair. I am having difficulty hearing 
> the relay
> >that clicks when I move the turn signal lever. Does Audi make a 
> louder
> >device or maybe an aftermarket one?

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