Idle Stab. system puzzle

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Jul 26 15:29:20 EDT 2006

> The last time the engine was operated, a month or so ago

I just want to interject a statement that is now the "received wisdom" 
from the guy who runs the shop next door, and that is that "today's 
gasoline has *no* shelf life."

Meaning that a car that has sat for a month can't be relied upon to run 
tight simply because the fuel has deteriorated.  They recommend adding 
fuel stabilizer to anything that will sit for a while, and at least 
using injector cleaner type products to try to rescue car that have sat 
without treatment.

This isn't to say that an engine won't run after it has sat (my 
lawnmower still fires right up on last year's gas if I forgot to run it 
dry), but that old fuel is the first suspect in a case like this - 
especially when you think of how the fuel is used as a hydraulic fluid 
in the metering head of CIS cars.

Huw Powell

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