Idle Stab. system puzzle

Brett Dikeman quattro at
Wed Jul 26 17:56:31 EDT 2006

On Jul 26, 2006, at 3:29 PM, Huw Powell wrote:

>> The last time the engine was operated, a month or so ago
> I just want to interject a statement that is now the "received wisdom"
> from the guy who runs the shop next door, and that is that "today's
> gasoline has *no* shelf life."

Well, "today's gasoline" has 10% or more ethanol.  Ethanol's lovely  
properties include readily mixing with water; this will result in the  
ethanol separating from the gasoline.  Just like with brake fluid  
that has absorbed lots of water, the water absorbed by ethanol will  
cause rust.

So, store with Sta-bil, and when you're ready to go, sounds like you  
may need to add a bottle of drygas before firing it up.

I don't know which is worse; California eco-nazis that don't  
understand the implications of their legislation (or worse, don't  
care), or the mid-westerners with their pork-barrel projects that  
result in our government forking over hundreds of millions to corn  
farmers because they're simpletons with disproportionate voting power.

At least MTBE is out of the picture! (MTBE was another brilliant eco- 
nazi move from our crunchy-granola whale-hugging friends out West.)


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