Timing belt ?

Tom Love theloves at localaccess.com
Fri Jul 28 20:30:03 EDT 2006

My thoughts exactly plus if your alt. were to seize up you would get the 
same situation.

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>>   When a timing belt goes, is it an abrupt no go or can it be gradual ?
>>   I was an eighth of a mile from home(all downhill fortunately) this
>>  morning when I experienced a substantial but gradual loss of power.
>>  Gauges were fine and the best description I can give is it felt like
>>  the front end had locked up. After parking it and checking fluids
>> and tires, there was that unmistakable smell of burnt rubber.
> I don't know the 20V that well but could an idler pulley (timing
> belt) or tensioner (serpentine belt) have seized? That ought to
> produce a lot of drag and burning rubber.
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