88 5kq - Intermittant Hard Starti

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Subject: Re: 88 5kq - Intermittent Hard Starting

> Here is the latest on my non-start-sometimes problem.
> My last diagnosis showed the oxygen sensor not working. Although, I dont
> think this is related to my no-start problem as the O2 sensor does not
> into play until about 3 minutes after engine start.
> [ ... ]

I may have forgotten - these senior moments take up more and
more of my day as each year passes - whether I posted on this issue
but I would encourage you to pull the codes next time it doesn't start.
The trick is to remember to not turn the ignition to 'off' after the failure
to start. If you leave the ignition in 'run' you can then do the fuel-pump-
relay-jump-with-a-spare-fuse trick and get the error codes. If you turn
the ignition 'off' following a failure to start, the information is lost.
error reporting capability of the system is pretty lame but you can find
out a number of basic things which could potentially save some time
and money. I found that my Hall Sensor was bad by pulling the codes
after 5 seconds (minimum) of no-start cranking. My problem was
also 'intermittent no start.' Usually worse for cold starting but
sometimes no warm start.

Having said all that, you will eventually have to replace every friggin'
piece of the CIS system. I assume you know that already.

Best luck,

DeWitt Harrison
'88 5kcstq

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