Gonna do the drive

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Mon Jul 31 11:20:27 EDT 2006

A couple of things to mention. Since you've done long road trips 
before, perhaps this is a review, but...

When I retrieved my 300D turbodiesel from Raleigh NC last fall, I 
bought an all-in-one CB Radio and a small dashboard GPS. The 
latter was very useful, and they're pretty reasonably priced. I 
didn't actually have much use for the CB, but I'm accustomed to 
driving with one and I wanted it there. Once I got home I returned 
it :)

So between the CB, the GPS, the V1 and my phone, I needed a 4/1 
adapter for the cigarette lighter, which I either got at Radio 
Shack or Pep Boys.

And of course, when I arrived in Raleigh, the cig lighter in the 
car didn't work!

Once I found the ceramic fuses hidden under the dash, I was in 

The other thing to consider is that radar detectors are banned in 
Canada, and they *will* take yours if they catch you with it. So 
if you do go through CA, turn it off and stash it in your 

And finally, if I were to do the trip again, I think I would FedEx 
Ground a box of tools and supplies to the PO for me to have on the 
drive home. Aside from that one issue with the ceramic fuse, I had 
no trouble on the 700 mile drive (one tank of diesel fuel!), but 
it coulda been different.

Have fun!


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