Gonna do the drive

brady zq bradyzq at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 31 13:21:09 EDT 2006

Very true. In Quebec, *possession* of a radar detector is grounds for a 
$1000 fine and on the spot destruction of the evil piece. Rumour has it that 
police officer take great joy out of placing the radar detector in front of 
your tire and forcing you to drive over it. So, definitely hide it if you 
come  through Canada.

And let us know! There are a few of us listers in Montreal, and many more 
down the 401.


>From: Lee Levitt <lee at wheelman.com>
>The other thing to consider is that radar detectors are banned in
>Canada, and they *will* take yours if they catch you with it. So
>if you do go through CA, turn it off and stash it in your

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