LAC: Wow! Tire Pressure!

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  The thing about adjusting balance with tire pressure is that the graph of 
grip vs. pressure is a bell curve with an optimum point somewhere in the 
center.  If you're underinflated compared to optimum, more air will increase 
grip.  If you're already past that point, more air will decrease grip 

  Absent a good penetration pyrometer, a lackey or minion to operation the 
test gear, and a closed circuit all we mortals can do is experiment to try 
and find the best balance.  I tend to run the front of my 4kq a little 
softer than the rear; my other car is a turbo miata and I *like* oversteer 


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>Can anybody confirm these numbers?  I've heard the contrary (higher
>pressure rear == less understeer):
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> > Sweet!
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> > Except that the max rating on the tire is clearly defined as max cold
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