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Mon Jul 31 22:41:01 EDT 2006

If one plans ahead, yes. But given that I never, and I was on a
graduate student budget, it was not an option :). Just passing along
some useful (IMHO) info. High speed + cabin reservations would be

On 7/31/06, cobram at juno.com <cobram at juno.com> wrote:
>  "Mark Chang" <mark.chang at gmail.com> writes:
> > Regarding the ferry from WI to MI. Ugh. If you want to do that,
> > take the new high-speed ferry. I did the slow ferry during the
> > summer
> > one year (Manitowoc to Ludington) and I regret every minute of it.
> >
> > I did the night crossing because I thought it'd be cooler and more
> > comfortable. Inside the ferry, it was like 90 degrees. No
> > ventilation,
> > silly "kitchen" on board cooking crap food, and people laying about
> > trying desperately to sleep. Outside it was freezing cold. In a
> > short-sleeve shirt and pants, I was dying. People were huddled in
> > the
> > bow near the walls in sleeping bags trying to get some sleep.
> >
> > Oh man, it was a terrible overnight crossing. SKIP. SKIP. SKIP.
> For a few extra bucks you could have gotten yourself a nice comfy cabin
> and slept right through the crossing.  I didn't even know they had a high
> speed ferry,  sounds like the way to go in the future.
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