Movie night in Eastern MA, German Car Day in Boston

Ti Kan ti at
Thu Jun 1 07:41:22 EDT 2006

Taka Mizutani writes:
> I seriously disagree with your statement that the current Mustang is the
> nicest Ford in 20 years. :-)

I guess "nice" is in the eye of the beholder... :)

My opinion of the new Mustang is that there is a serious lack of
creativity.  The car is a virtual caricature of the 1960/70s models,
with just a bit of modern lines thrown in.  It's as if Ford has
run out of ideas.  The GT40 design also suffers from the same problem.

A few styling cues to reflect past heritage is one thing, but
I'm more interested in forward-looking designs, not those that
just bask in the long-lost past.

Ford is not the only company to do this, of course.  Lots of examples
of this from many companies, including the recent Dodge Charger concept
and the Lamborghini Miura concept.

Chrysler's 300/Dodge Magnum and others are an interesting bunch.  They
are heavily retro in a very in-your-face kind of way, but not a
straight clone of a bygone car.  The extroverted styling had caught
on very big with those who like to convert them into rolling pimp-mobiles,

My opinion is of course contrary to much of the buying public, because
they just seem to love these cars.  But then most people don't
share the same critical eye and philosphy of car design as I do...

At least none of the German companies had fallen into this trap -- Audi,
BMW, Mercedes, VW all make models with small retro touches (the TT and
BMW Z8 being the most so, but still quite restrained), and nothing that
looks like a blatant copy of an old model.


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