Movie night in Eastern MA, German Car Day in Boston

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Thu Jun 1 08:54:20 EDT 2006

Ti Kan wrote:
> My opinion of the new Mustang is that there is a serious lack of
> creativity.  The car is a virtual caricature of the 1960/70s models,

In the 1990s, when Ford tried to make a totally new smaller Mustang 
with a base 4 and optional 6 cylinder engine, a car right for the time, 
the purists cried, "No!", so that car became the Probe and  the 
old-style Mustang soldiered on.

> At least none of the German companies had fallen into this trap -- Audi,
> BMW, Mercedes, VW all make models with small retro touches (the TT and
> BMW Z8 being the most so, but still quite restrained), and nothing that
> looks like a blatant copy of an old model.

I guess the New Beetle, being FWD, isn't a blatant copy. :)

Kent McLean
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