Movie night in Eastern MA, German Car Day in Boston

Dan DiBiase d_dibiase at
Thu Jun 1 11:51:20 EDT 2006

Ti Kan <ti at> wrote:  Taka Mizutani writes:
> Ti-
>  You forgot the VW New Beetle- the car is a blatant copy of an old  design, at least stylistically, with major compromises in mechanical  design because of the styling. Furthermore, the New Beetle really is  nothing special other than the styling (having one in the driveway). :-)
> Taka

Ah, you're right, the new Beetle is just such a car.  I guess I was
never  enthralled about it, yet when J. Mays and his team at VAG showed the  concept car it was such a sensation they had to build it.
Mr. Mays had gone on to Ford, so I guess he brought the idea over... :)

I'm  not sure there are that many iconic (from a pure styling perspective)  German cars that could be done..... The BMW 507 - but that's where the  Z8 came in. 2002? Wouldn't be bad to see a coupe version of the  3-Series, decontented and with a 4 cylinder - but who would buy it?  Audi 100LS? Ugh.... Mercedes has done a modern SLR.... 
  What I would like to see is a new Datsun 510, that would be pretty cool. 
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