has anyone swapped....[dead bomb]

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Thu Jun 1 12:24:43 EDT 2006

> a hydraulic pump from a 5000 into a 200?
> i have, and i'm curious to know if that's likely
> the reason why the little red indicator on the
> dash flashes on when i hit my brakes.
> the brakes work fine, tho the pedal is a bit
> squooshy.  i will be swapping the pump out in a
> few weeks' time to test my theory, but if anyone
> has experience with this that they can share
> before i go thru the hassle of swapping, it would
> be hugely appreciated.

It's far more likely that your (perhaps original?) hydraulic pressure
accumulator (aka "the bomb" which it resembles) has lost the ability to
store an adequate reserve supply of pressurized hydaulic fluid to fully
supply the brake assist, this is known to happen over time. Do the "bomb
test" (repeatedly depress the brake pedal with engine off until it changes
feeling, good bomb should give >10 assisted strokes) and if it fails,
replace/recharge it if you want full brake assist.

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