has anyone swapped....

David Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Thu Jun 1 13:55:21 EDT 2006

I was thinking the same until I read the pedal was "squooshy".

A dead bomb has a high and hard brake pedal (generally speaking).

But..if a bomb is needed, I know you can get one.

Dave Kase
bomb recharger extrodonaire  ;-)

Max Hoepli wrote:

>I think it is the hydraulic pressure accumulator which has to be changed
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>>a hydraulic pump from a 5000 into a 200?
>>i have, and i'm curious to know if that's likely
>>the reason why the little red indicator on the
>>dash flashes on when i hit my brakes.
>>the brakes work fine, tho the pedal is a bit
>>squooshy.  i will be swapping the pump out in a
>>few weeks' time to test my theory, but if anyone
>>has experience with this that they can share
>>before i go thru the hassle of swapping, it would
>>be hugely appreciated.
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