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Comments regarding my comments about the new Magnum/300 Dodge -

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>> > Comments regarding the new Magnum/300 Dodge -
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> <snip...they suck...>
> And yet, far from being a "typical Amurrican car", these are based on the
> previous-generation Benz E-class maybe you don't want one of
> those either? Many noted "features" are obviously specific to the styling of
> the Dodge/Chyrsler models, but still.

Unsnip - they still suck.

Yes, there are a few MB E-class parts (from the previous E-class, as you 
note) in the rear suspension, perhaps in the front suspension, and oh, 
yeah, the headlight stalk.

This doesn't make the Dodge Magnum a Mercedes "derivative" any more than 
momentarily dipping a chicken into a pot of hot water makes chicken 
soup. Dodge's marketing department is attempting to bask in the 
reflected glory of MB here, but the final picture isn't pretty.

I've driven both, and I'll tell ya what, the Magnum is going to need a 
LOT more Mercedes DNA, a heck of a lot more, before it will be worth a 
second look.

Somehow, I STILL don't think I want to own one of these. Ever.

<<Henry, please don't get the impression that I am coming across too 
harshly, or personally - it's just that the Magnum is really, really 
bad, no matter whose parts may or may not be bolted onto it.>>

Best Regards,

Mike Arman
90 V8Q, more than a car, its an ADVENTURE!

(On which the shifter knob and dash vents are the same parts as on the 
80/90 series, so does that make the 80/90 more desirable, or the V8 less 

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