Retrostyle car (LAC)

Michael McLaughlin mcloffs at
Thu Jun 1 16:50:47 EDT 2006

Having driven a Charger with the 3.5 liter V6 a fair amount I agree  
some and disagree some with what's been said about the Magnum/Charger/ 
300 so far. Yes, visibility is pretty bad. The fit and finish  
generally and the interior especially come across as being somewhat  
cheap. Having major electrical components located where water tends  
to collect seems somewhat ill-advised. And I wasn't crazy about the  
light/horn show that accompanied locking the car.

I think some of the other comments reflect a little bit of Audi- 
centrism. I've not been in an Audi V8 in a number of years, but the  
V8 and the V6 Chryslers have similar power ratings and similar  
weights so acceleration and such should should be similar; the  
Charger I drove responded better than any automatic-equipped Audi  
I've driven, most likely because of the more sophisticated  
transmission. I thought the handling was pretty good. It doesn't have  
the friskiness of an Audi but I found it fun to drive, especially  
considering its size.

The keyhole thing (having a keyhole only on the driver's door) is  
something that I don't like, too, but the vast majority of cars are  
doing that now.

I'm not sure I'd buy one but I was pleasantly surprised by the Charger.


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