Retrostyle car (LAC)

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Thu Jun 1 17:45:02 EDT 2006

While I don't deny your comments, the V-8 version of the Chrysler 300 and
its siblings
all use a very nice MBZ 5-speed automatic transmission and the Hemi engine
has been
very well reviewed.

Nice drivetrain, nice chassis (W210 E-Class underneath).

Unimpressive build quality- I agree that the interior looks cheap, esp. for
a $30k+ car in the V-8
versions and even more so in the SRT-8 versions.

I don't see why the keyhole issue is such a big one- if you look at all of
the current Audi lineup,
you will only find a single driver's door keyhole. Yes, if the lock guts
fail, you're screwed. That's
nowhere near as bad as the '99 Porsche 996 and the '97-99 Boxster models- if
the battery fails,
you're totally screwed- there is no way to access the battery (secured by
electric solenoid actuated

Put the same SRT-8 engine into a Challenger with a manual transmission
(likely something of the
Tremec T-56 family) and I'm there, crappy build quality or not.

The lesser models are junk as you have already stated.


On 6/1/06, Henry A Harper III <hah at> wrote:
> >
> > Comments regarding the new Magnum/300 Dodge -
> >
> <snip...they suck...>
> And yet, far from being a "typical Amurrican car", these are based on the
> previous-generation Benz E-class maybe you don't want one of
> those either? Many noted "features" are obviously specific to the styling
> of
> the Dodge/Chyrsler models, but still.
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