Retrostyle car (LAC)

Doyt W. Echelberger doyt at
Thu Jun 1 20:45:41 EDT 2006


I've been driving a MB E-class for the past 3 years. Do you mean that the 
300 chassis has the same suspension as my Benz? Or is it just the same 
basic sheet metal unibody, with an array of Chrysler springs and struts and 
sway bars....etc?

The ride and handling of my Benz is very nice in a lot of ways, including 
the transmission.

If the 300 has the same suspension as my Benz, I'll drive one next week and 
verify that they compare. The price difference new is about 20 grand, plus 
parts and service on the Benz is very dear.

Doyt Echelberger

At 05:45 PM 6/1/2006, you wrote:
>While I don't deny your comments, the V-8 version of the Chrysler 300 and
>its siblings
>all use a very nice MBZ 5-speed automatic transmission and the Hemi engine
>has been
>very well reviewed.
>Nice drivetrain, nice chassis (W210 E-Class underneath).

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