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Cody Forbes cody at
Thu Jun 1 22:37:39 EDT 2006

Cody Forbes wrote:
> Taka Mizutani wrote:>
>> I don't see why the keyhole issue is such a big one- if you look at
>> all of the current Audi lineup,
>> you will only find a single driver's door keyhole. Yes, if the lock
>> guts fail, you're screwed. That's
>> nowhere near as bad as the '99 Porsche 996 and the '97-99 Boxster
>> models- if the battery fails,
>> you're totally screwed- there is no way to access the battery
>> (secured by electric solenoid actuated
>> panels).
>> Taka
> You've not been locked out of a 986 Boxter of 996 I assume. I
> have.... on both models actually. I've had numerous 986's with dead
> batteries at the shop, and I learned the first time it happened that
> there are indeed emergency releases on these cars in the form of
> small braided steel cables dangling inside the bumper cover both
> front and rear.
> Still a terrible and incredibly annoying design, but at least they
> did leave an escape route!
> -Cody Forbes (been working on Porsches for too long......)

You could also backfeed the system using a generic cig lighter plug wired to 
another battery to pop the hood ;-).

-Cody Forbes
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