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Fri Jun 2 08:16:14 EDT 2006

Tessie McMillan <tessmc at drizzle.com> wrote:Anyway  so this afforded me the opportunity to get passed by an  interesting  car that was being driving somewhat energetically. 

The car was an 80s looking 4 door with hatchback, along the lines of an 
Alfa GTV-6, in a dated dirty mustard color. While thoroughly grimy 
and perhaps not styled 100% to my taste, the engine had a very aggressive 
note to it and I felt compelled to follow the car for a while. I got 
close  enough to see the badge "Rover" and "V-8" before the guy really put the  hammer down and I just didn't want to follow any further. (Thank 
goodness I see an endodontist tomorrow; I can't take much more of this.)

Does  anyone know anything about these cars? I did a little searching on the  net and think I might have been looking at a Rover SD1, but that 
doesn't tell me anything.

The  SD-1 was a neat design, pretty 'ahead-of-it's-time' when it debuted.  They are fairly large cars, which is why the police in the UK used  them. There aren't a lot of them left in the States, victims of really  crappy build quality and rust, and removal of the V8 engines to be  plunked into MGB's. I see them at British Car Shows from time to time.  I'd like to have one.
  Here is an excellent history of the car.
  Dan D
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