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Fri Jun 2 10:33:23 EDT 2006



You would throw int the towel for this!?  Come on.  I sympathize that this
happened, but the damage is easy to repair.


You need parts(seats, window, stereo)?  I probably have, or Force 5 and many


Get your parts together, and make a short plan and you'll have her all fixed
up inside of 4 hours - if that.  Cost should come to less than the typical
deduction you would pay if you had full coverage on the car ($400).  It
sucks, but cool off and follow through methodically.  Other than that, I'm
sure there are other resourceful folks like myself that would give you a
fraction of what she is really worth and take her off your hands.



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[Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 19:08:45 -0700 (PDT)

From: Andrew Butitta <akbutitta at>

Subject: Car trashed... Options?

To: quattro at


Hello, fellow listers. The patient in question is my 1987 Coupe GT with the
strangely deleted A/C.


Well, the other day some petty theives decided to 'delete' a few things from
my wonderful little Audi. They got the stereo, and pretty much destroyed the
interior of the car. They left the lights on, too, so the battery was dead
by the time I got to it.


I've got pictures of the destruction here:


So, listers, what do you think? I'm not planning on keeping this car, so
does anyone want this for parts, or should I take it to the local yard and
off it there? I'm in Madison, WI, right off the highway and easy to get to.
I got a jump from a friend and the car does run. I took it down to the local
car wash and vacuumed out as much broken glass as I could. I'll be taking
the plates off it in a few days and canceling the insurance on it, so if
anyone wants this beast, please let me know.


I'll also be more than happy to answer any questions about the car as well
as I can.


It was fun being a part of this excellent and supportive community, even for
this brief period.


So long, and thanks for all the fish!


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