Retrostyle car (LAC)

Cody Forbes cody at
Fri Jun 2 11:10:46 EDT 2006

Taka wrote:
> Cody-
> I guess you're another one who needs to work on reading
> comprehension- I said, as quoted below, that you're totally screwed
> on an early 986/996 if the battery dies.  
> Taka

Why the insult? The things I stated are true for all 986 and 996 models.... there is an emergency release cable on these cars that allows you to open the hood and charge/replace the battery, so therefore you are not totally screwed. My other option of using a harness connected to a jumper box and plugged into a cars cig lighter works also, since the door locks will operate if the battery is dead, then you plug said harness into the cig lighter to power up the car then use the electric hood release. I don't understand where you come from with that comment.

Steve R wrote:
> Does this mean one can get into the car without a key?

Not at all, you can only open the hood. No way to gain access to the passenger compartment through the hood.

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