Retrostyle car (LAC)

Steve R srosen at
Fri Jun 2 11:45:11 EDT 2006

> Steve R wrote:
> >
> >
> > Does this mean one can get into the car without a key?
> >
> Not at all, you can only open the hood. No way to gain access to the
passenger compartment through the hood.

I remember when I was 17 and got my first motorcycle. This was many many
years ago.  I was driving across a bridge into Manhattan  and the bike kept
cutting out but I made it across. The problem was that the battery
connection was loose.  This I later found out was done by someone.

The motto of the story. I 'don't like the fact that if I lock my car up,
someone can get into the engine.

Steve, Will only get a car with door key lock .

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