Car trashed... Options?

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Fri Jun 2 21:16:08 EDT 2006

Doesn't seem overly injured. One or two afternoons should revive it.
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> Hello, fellow listers. The patient in question is my 1987 Coupe GT with 
> the strangely deleted A/C.
> Well, the other day some petty theives decided to 'delete' a few things 
> from my wonderful little Audi. They got the stereo, and pretty much 
> destroyed the interior of the car. They left the lights on, too, so the 
> battery was dead by the time I got to it.
> I've got pictures of the destruction here:
> So, listers, what do you think? I'm not planning on keeping this car, so 
> does anyone want this for parts, or should I take it to the local yard and 
> off it there? I'm in Madison, WI, right off the highway and easy to get 
> to. I got a jump from a friend and the car does run. I took it down to the 
> local car wash and vacuumed out as much broken glass as I could. I'll be 
> taking the plates off it in a few days and canceling the insurance on it, 
> so if anyone wants this beast, please let me know.
> I'll also be more than happy to answer any questions about the car as well 
> as I can.
> It was fun being a part of this excellent and supportive community, even 
> for this brief period.
> So long, and thanks for all the fish!
> -Andrew
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