Removing coolant (antifreeze) from carpet.

Sat Jun 3 11:12:49 EDT 2006

How do you remove coolant (antifreeze) from the interior carpet? It's been  a 
real project replacing the heater core in my '88 80Q. Although I haven't  hit 
the road yet, I am constantly reminded of the sticky mess I have in the  
drivers foot well as I am laving on my back trying to put together a million  
screws, switches and connectors. I've been sopping up the mess with newspaper  
placed under the floor matt and I keep changing the wet paper but it never seems  
to get any better. What should I try? Baking Soda? Sugar? Detergent? ..... 
What  will cut Antifreeze? Also a word to the wise, if your 80 or 90 has a bad 
heater  core, disconnect it, and sell the car to someone in the tropics......
88 80Q
85 4KQ

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