R8/RS6 @ Inskip June 28th, German Car Day June 18 @ Larz Anderson

Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Sun Jun 4 20:32:23 EDT 2006

Brett Dikeman wrote:
> I remember there was some discussion about this event earlier...over
> at the chapter we noticed the event too, and dropped a line to the
> dealership.  If you didn't hear- Inskip in Warwick, RI will have the
> Champion cars and drivers at the dealership on June 28th.  Sounds
> like it'll be fun- good chance to see the cars up close and personal
> for a few hours.


> Brett

Heh, there will be a Champion R8 and RS6 in Winston-Salem, NC at Flow Audi 
(dealership) the 29th-1st, I think thats where you've seen some discussion 
about it on here.

I've got a pretty dismal responce so far to the NC get together, just Eric 
Sandborn with a maybe. Come on guys...an R8, an RS6 race car, lots of Audi 
lovers, AND free food, whats not to love? Ben bring the Q-car, NC is a heck 
of a lot closer then the Florida trip you went on ;-)!

Maybe you guys are just not sure of the driving distance. We are talking 1.5 
hours west of Raleigh, NC, 3 hours east of Ashville, NC, 1.5 hours north of 
Charlotte, NC, 1 hour from Danville, VA (VIR to be exact). I know we have a 
few NC listers, one in Boone (thats only an hour and a half).

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