Car trashed... Options?

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Jun 5 05:34:00 EDT 2006

> Hello, fellow listers. The patient in question is my 1987 Coupe GT.
> Well, the other day some petty theives decided to 'delete' a few
> things from my wonderful little Audi. They got the stereo, and pretty
> much destroyed the interior of the car. They left the lights on, too,
> so the battery was dead by the time I got to it.
> I've got pictures of the destruction here: 

I think I am seventh in line to say, "don't give up" (copyright Peter 
Gabriel).  First, you need window glass.  Cheap and easy, given the 
resources of this list.

Second, it looks like they mucked up your rear panel?  Did they mess up 
the doors?

Third, as someone said, it can be depressing to be burgled.... and I 
feel your pain... but your car is nice, and is not that far from being 
made whole.  I see people parting out cgt's all the time on the 
marketplace, which should avail you of whatever you need, and probably 

Fixing your car, with the parts in hand, is a simple long afternoon project.

As I already said above, "Don't Give Up".

Huw Powell

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