pink coolant

David Kase davekase at
Tue Jun 6 07:49:50 EDT 2006

Yeah, I just did some seems the problem hasn't hit me as I 
still change my coolant every three years.  Good thing too as it seems 
to start causing trouble after that.
My bad, I will be getting the pentosin and draining the Dexcool this week.

Dave K.

Grant Lenahan wrote:

>It is pentosin.  NAPA can get it.  My mechanic can get it for me.  
>About $15-17 for 40 Oz concentrate.
>Do NOT use the supposedly identical Dex-cool.  Gums up.
>On Jun 5, 2006, at 10:41 AM, David Kavanagh wrote:
>>Does anyone know either a good source for the pink coolant used on 
>>model cars, or a FLAPS replacement? I was at my local store and found
>>various colored coolants that claim to work on all late model cars. I 
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