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>> No doubt he obviously ran  lights and went down wrong way streets,
>> but I'm
>> not  convinced on the speeds.

He's passing other cars, busses, etc like  mad.  Either he had people  
driving those cars slowly and then  sped up the film,  or he really  
was driving insanely  fast.

> If you've ever been a passenger, or driven a 275 GTB, the  speeds seem
> very unlikely, no steadycams back in the day.   Cobblestone streets  
> would
> cause fillings in your teeth  to come loose.

The camera was reportedly  gyro-stabilized.


I saw this shortly after it was made in the late 70's at a Ferrari Club  
meeting and tried for years to acquire a copy. Many years later I found it  
available through Suncoast Video by special order only for $75. That would  be like 
$200 today for a short 12-15 minute film. Couldn't make myself do  it.
Do remember that Claude Lelouch was a renowned film-maker winning the Canne  
(sp) Film Festival Best picture in the 60's for "A Man & A  Woman". It is one 
of my all time favorite films with some genuine Ford GT  40 development 
footage included. He had the knowledge and wherewithal to make  such a short film 
with no problem. Truly a Tifosi and all around car  guy with the means to fully 
Sort of like the Jay Leno of the 70's?


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