87 Audi 5000 tqa headlight/ac swap from 89 100 q. Possible?

Tom Winter tom at freeskier.com
Thu Jun 8 09:40:08 EDT 2006

Hi all - it's been a while since I posted on this forum and it is good to be
back and see some familiar names.

Here's the deal. The previous owner of my 87 tqa removed the a/c compressor,
condenser, etc from the car. This wasn't a problem until I relocated from
the cool mountain environs of Vail down to Denver (should hit 95 today).
And, as you all know, the headlights on the 5000 tq leave much to be

My old daily driver is a 100 q sedan. I've listed it for sale, but the car
has some issues and may be a better doner than driver at this time.

Can anyone give me the beta on if I can swap the a/c system from the 100
into the 5000? And what about the grill, headlights, etc. While the
headlights on the 100 aren't the best, they (if I remember correctly) work
better than the ones on the 5000, and I've just discovered a nice hole from
a rock in my passenger side 5000 headlight, so it will need to be replaced.

Thanks in advance for your help/advice.


87 5000 tqa (red rocket)
100 q (old faithful)

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